Professional Floor Enamel Coating

In addition to painting, Eclipse Painting also offers home interior services for floor enamel coating – perfect for finishing a concrete basement or garage floor, and even an outdoor patio. You can rely on us because our crews have years of experience with floor enamel coatings, and we place utmost importance on our prep work and product selection to ensure the job results in the best durability and longevity in the industry.

Professional Floor Enamel Coating by Eclipse Painting

At Eclipse, our professional floor enameling prep work begins with washing the floor’s surface, concrete filling, caulking of cracks, and filling imperfections. Once the surface is ready, we can apply either a water-based or oil enamel coating depending on the need or what type of finish is desired. High moisture areas, such as unfinished basements, may perform better with an acrylic verses an oil or alkyd coating. We also offer slip-resistant additives for the coatings that are ideal for safety in high-traffic areas. PLUS – all our jobs are owner supervised to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Please note: If an epoxy floor is more appropriate for your needs, then we will refer you to the epoxy specialists in this area.

Enamel coatings can give a whole new look to a floor and are an inexpensive way to bring life to a dull garage or basement. If you’re ready to elevate your floor’s appearance and performance, call Eclipse Painting today or contact us for a complimentary estimate!

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