Professional Pest Damage Repair

We make Minnesota our home as we love nature. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always love us. Red squirrels, woodpeckers, swallows, wasps, ants and mice are the most common creatures that can do damage to our homes and structures. Luckily, there’s Eclipse Painting at your service for pest damage repair.

With our many years of experience, we can readily identify these potential problem areas on your home. Damage to siding and soffits by squirrels and woodpeckers is probably one of the biggest problems we encounter. To fix this, we sometimes need to replace siding or trim that is damaged. Small areas of damage can be fixed with using Bondo compound and letting it cure to a rock hard finish. Critters can’t peck or chew through Bondo. In other instances, we may have to back sheet metal behind a potential opening and then fill or place new wood as critters will often come back to these areas that they knew were once home.

Professional Pest Damage Repair by Eclipse Painting

Caulking and filling gaps, cracks, splits and holes is a crucial part of our services. These smaller areas often become home to insects. Over time these insects can cause significant internal damage behind the siding and soffits. They can damage framing and insulation. Extensive use of quality caulking and types of filler will prevent these insects from making your home their home.

Many customers ask us about bug additives that can be added to the paints or stains.  Years ago before these additives were regulated, they were highly effective for a number of years in deterring bugs and insects.  Due to regulations the additives are not as potent as they once were and we feel they do not do a good job and are not worth the price or time in using them.

Some areas of your home may require us to put up screening or netting or other barriers to prevent pests from damaging your home. To clarify, Eclipse Painting is not a pest control company and we’re certainly not experts when it comes to pests. We are experienced in pest damage repair, and most of the time we can offer solutions for prevention. When a pest problem is beyond something we can handle, we’ll recommend contacting a local pest control company.

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