Professional Patio Sealing

Concrete and paver patio sealing is a particularly important practice in Minnesota, where we are exposed to regular freezing and thawing every year. Sealants offer many benefits for your patio including dirt reduction, stain repellence and abrasion resistance, as well as attractive aesthetic effects. Silica additives can also be applied to the sealant to add slip resistance for safety – an excellent solution for high-traffic areas.

Professional Patio Sealing by Eclipse Painting

When it comes to concrete, most acrylic-resin sealers and certain reactive penetrating sealers work best when applied as soon as the installer can be supported on the fresh pavement. For other reactive penetrating sealers (silanes and siloxanes) and most high-performance coatings, such as epoxies and urethanes, we recommended to wait a minimum of one month after the concrete is set as this allows ample time for it to cure.

Our clear sealants are available in a variety of sheens from a dull flat finish to a shinier semi-gloss type finish. We can also apply colored sealants to add a more unique look and feel to your environment. Prior to sealing the patio, our professional painting crews will perform a general pressure washing and thorough drying. Occasionally we will also etch the surface to aid in the adhesion or absorbency of the sealants, depending on the current surface condition, the age, and how the concrete or concrete pavers were laid.

Beautify your patio and protect your concrete or pavers for years to come with Eclipse Painting patio sealing services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a complimentary estimate!

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