Professional Exterior Paint Stripping Work

At Eclipse Painting, we only employ the most experienced painters who are experts in paint stripping and other painting prep techniques. There are a variety of methods to getting surfaces and substrates ready for paint through the process of stripping. This stage of surface preparation is the key for any job’s look and longevity, and our company spends more time than any other on these methods of prep because we know it’s so important.

Professional Paint Stripping Work by Eclipse Painting

The tools we have on-hand for paint stripping are pressure washers, carbide tipped scrapers, belt sanders, palm sanders, disc sanders, sanding sponges and a wide variety of grit sandpapers. What our crews choose to utilize just depends on the type of surface to be painted or how aggressive we need to get with the stripping. We typically use chemical strippers on front door or garage door refinishing for tougher work. No matter the condition of the surface to be repainted, you can be sure that our talented painters will take the best approach to ensure the prep job is done right the first time.

Please note: Eclipse does not do heat stripping or chemical stripping on home exteriors because it is enormously expensive, time consuming and dangerous. If that is your wishes, there are other companies we can recommend that specialize in these services.

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