Professional Deck and Fence Staining and Painting

Do you have a deck or fence that’s starting to show its age? At Eclipse Painting, our crews specialize in deck and fence staining and painting for homes and businesses. We have the skills and ability to restore a 20 year old deck to looking like a brand new build!

Professional Deck and Fence Staining and Painting by Eclipse Painting

Our painters have years of experience with restoring cedar decking, pine decking and green-treated wood, as well as the newer Trex composite decking. For composite decking, we typically stain them when the appearance is undesirable or spotty. The Eclipse Painting process always begins with pressure washing, chemical washing and sanding the entire deck to ensure the surface is properly stripped and prepped for staining. We can apply a variety of different types of stains, both with flat and smooth finishes, as well as epoxy type coatings depending on the desired look and condition of the deck.

We also have extensive experience in restoring aging fences. Best practice is to repaint your fence every 5-8 years to keep it looking its best. Fences with a semi-transparent stain oil or acrylic should be repainted every three years, semi-solid oil stain every five years, and solid stain oil or acrylic every five years. Pressure washing and chemical washing are critical factors in getting the fence prepped properly, and painted fences often need a fair amount of scraping and power sanding before any primers, paint or stain can be applied. Eclipse painters have the knowhow to analyze the type of wood or surface of the fence in order to perform the preparation necessary to achieve the highest longevity from a fresh coat of paint or stain.

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