Professional School Painting

Schools and education centers are subject to constant wear and tear over years of high traffic use. At Eclipse Painting, we’ve been restoring and painting schools for over 31 years, and our full-time experienced crews have the knowledge and expertise to work with any interior or exterior surface that requires a coating. One of our longest standing school painting accounts includes the Chaska school district with 14 schools.

Professional School Painting Services by Eclipse Painting

Most school surfaces require harder, more protective type coatings and finishes because of the high traffic. For example, gym walls that take a ton of abuse may require a pre-catalyzed epoxy to help protect them from scratches and scuffs. Hand rails and lockers need special steel coatings to keep them looking nicer, longer. Hallways and classrooms may require no-VOC paints (paints free of volatile organic compounds) for people with allergies and respiratory sensitivities, so staff and students can continue to working around these spaces throughout the restoration process. Gyms and hallway floors need restoration with epoxy coatings.

For exterior work, we have years of experience with EIFS coating – which includes knowing the correct products that will ensure color retention, durability, and longevity for the school. All of our commercial jobs, both interior and exterior, are owner supervised to ensure they are completed with utmost care and to client satisfaction.

At Eclipse Painting, we can cater to the summer schedule when children aren’t present, and we’ll work evenings or holidays to get things done around a school hours. We also have the capability to take on quick-response jobs for emergencies like offensive graffiti or defacement of property.

If you’re looking to restore your school to excellent shape, please contact us today to schedule an appointment for a complimentary estimate!

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