Professional Hotel Painting

Hotels and motels each have their own specialized painting needs when it comes to remodeling and building on additions. The paints required for hotel painting jobs are often higher performance in order to withstand the daily use and abuse associated with high traffic. At Eclipse Painting, we can provide the expertise and professional services you need to get your walls looking their best so you leave a lasting impression with your guests.

Professional Hotel Painting by Eclipse Painting

We have the depth of employees on staff to handle any job large or small in a timely, professional manner. Whether it’s a whole new wing or simple remodel, our hotel painting crews have the flexibility you need to work around vacancies and keep day-to-day workflow interruptions at a minimum. We’ve got the years of experience and expertise you need to get a durable finish that will keep your walls looking great for the long haul.

Eclipse Painting will help you select only the best paint products in the industry, including Sherwin Williams paints, and we offer color consultation to ensure you achieve the look and finish you desire. We can also paint with no-VOC paints (paints free of volatile organic compounds), which are a great for consideration of guests and employees with allergies or respiratory sensitivities. From stripping wallpaper to removing wall coatings, we can do it all.

Get the best service in the industry for hotel and motel painting! Contact Eclipse today to schedule an appointment for a complimentary estimate.

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