Professional Healthcare Facility Painting

Are you looking for professional healthcare facility painting services for your business? Eclipse Painting has been servicing clients since 1993, and our full-time paint crews have the knowledge and expertise needed to offer the appropriate paints and coatings for the location of each application. Count on us to restore your clinic, hospital, veterinary clinic or other medical building because we have the capability to work around business hours and with your unique schedules.

Healthcare Facility Painting by Eclipse Painting

Often times the spaces in a medical facility require finishes that are durable enough for high traffic, and certain areas may call for germ resistant coatings. We also can apply no-VOC paints and coatings (free of volatile organic compounds) to ensure that patients, employees and pets aren’t bothered with respiratory issues. Our crews have the knowhow to apply the best paints and coatings necessary for every environmental situation and are committed to your complete satisfaction.

In order to achieve the greatest durability and longevity from our work, we place extra care in the professional preparation phase. Our thorough healthcare facility painting prep is the key to our success. In addition, all Eclipse Painting job sites are quality inspected by the owner so you can be rest assured you are getting the best service in the industry. We can handle everything from small to large-scale projects.

If you’re looking for top-notch healthcare facility painting services, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a complimentary estimate.

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