Finding that perfect finish takes careful consideration–learn what you need to know.

After selecting a beautiful color for paint, there is one more step homeowners need to consider–a proper finish. Finishes bring the final look of your home together, giving it a brand-new feel that can either make it stand out more or help it to bring more calm to the color.

Finding the right paint finish might seem challenging, but it isn’t that hard if you know how to decide. In this article, we will explore how you can choose the right paint finish for your home.

10 Steps to Help You Choose the Right Finish for Your Home

A paint finish is the perfect final addition to a freshly painted home. However, paint finishes can come in many different forms and styles. If you’re looking for the perfect finish to complete your home’s brand-new design, you will want to take time to reflect before making your choice.

These considerations are great for helping you decide which paint finish is the right one for you.

Choose Which Parts of Your Home You Intend to Change

Before you can decide on the finish that is right for you, you will want to take a minute to consider what parts of your home you actually plan to change. If you plan to change all of the paint on your home, it is fairly simple to maintain a consistent finish. However, if you are only planning to paint certain parts of the home, you will want to think about the areas you don’t plan to paint.

While you can certainly mix finishes when it comes to painting, it isn’t always a winning combination. Ask yourself if it is best to go with a similar finish for the sake of consistency or if the two types of finishes will blend well and create a fun new look.

There is no right or wrong answer–choose what feels best for your home!

Identify Any Absolute “No” Options

We all have our own preferences, and when it comes to design, you should always honor those preferences. If there is a specific type of finish that you’re not interested in, you will want to identify that in advance. There are many types of paint finishes available, and some people prefer some types over others. Look at the available options to identify the ones you like–and the ones you don’t like too!

Make a List of General Colors You May Consider

Most homeowners think of paint color and paint finish as independent decisions, and they certainly can be. While this can be true, it isn’t always. In fact, thinking about your paint color and paint finish as a joint decision can really help you choose the right finish for your home.

When deciding how to decorate your home, chances are you are focusing on color. The color you choose is a big decision, and it can be a main area of excitement. However, it is still important to consider how the finish will impact the color.

That’s right–the finish you choose can have a direct and visible impact on your paint’s color!

To make sure that your paint color and paint finish are a winning combination, you will want to consider the impact of the finish on the paint. The best way to do this is to look at a sample that has both the color and finish you want to see.

Decide Whether You Want Bold or Neutral Design

Paint finish can completely change the painted design of a home, breathing new life into certain colors or creating a calmer exterior for others. Before selecting a paint finish, think about what you want to see from your home’s finalized design. Some paint finishes can help your design to be more bold, while others can downplay the design and appearance.

There are many ways to use paint finish to dress up or dress down your paint job. A glossy finish can bring a nice design flair to a design. A matte finish can tame bolder colors, making them more neutral than they otherwise would be. Take time to ask yourself what the final design style you want to see is and how you can achieve it using paint finishes.

Consider the Style of Your Home

Every home is built with its own approach to architecture, sometimes staying true to one style and other times blending various design techniques to create a new look. Some home architecture styles do not match certain types of paint finishes–unless you add a little design flair, of course.

Understanding your home’s style won’t necessarily tell you which paint finish is right for you, but it can certainly help. You can use the type of paint finish that is more common for your type of home, or you can use a less traditional option to create a stunning contrast.

Drive Around Your Neighborhood to Find Potential Options or Inspiration

Fully understanding your options is a lot easier when you have a visual aid to work with, and your neighborhood can be the perfect inspiration. Take time to walk or drive around your neighborhood to see what your neighbors have chosen. You may see something you like, or you may just realize that there is a daily consistent trend among them, giving you the perfect opportunity to blend in or stand out.

While you drove, don’t just focus on the finish–keep an eye out for paint colors and other design choices. A few changes to your home can make it feel brand new!

Check With Your Homeowner’s Association

A homeowners association (HOA) is a core pillar in many communities, and most HOAs do come with fairly specific rules. Adhering to these rules is very important if you want to save money. In most cases, violations can result in fines and may require you to cover the cost to change the part of your home that is not in compliance.

It is common for homeowners to be shocked when they receive a notice from their homeowners association after a new paint job, but it does happen more often than you would think. Take time to review your association’s rules and regulations when it comes to paint jobs. Doing so can save you time, money, and frustration too!

See What is in Season Online

Much like interior decor, exterior home design is a world all its own, and it is one that has a surprising number of trends. If you’re not really sure what you want for your home’s paint finish, it always helps to look into what is trending among other homeowners.

You may be able to see some modern trends in your neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean you will see them all. Looking into painting trends and popular brands can help you to invest in the perfect paint job with the right colors and finishes.

Visit Your Local Hardware Store

When you don’t know where to start, your local hardware store is always an option. If you’re trying to learn about paint finishes and the colors of the season, you can head over to your local hardware store to view some of the available samples and swatches. While you may not find the color you want, you can certainly start to gain inspiration and get a better understanding of how different finishes interact with different paints.

Get an Expert Opinion

You shouldn’t need to be an expert in exterior home paint to decide on your paint or paint finish. Sometimes, you just want to talk to someone who knows what you need, and that is where your local painting company can really help. These experts know all things paint, and they can help you to choose a paint finish that gives your home that perfect new look.

Painting professionals can work wonders when it comes to figuring out exactly what you want for your home. They can help you to browse new colors, give recommendations based on your preferences, and help you to get the most out of your budget while they do it!

Find the Right Paint, the Right Finish, and the Right Painting Company Too!

A fresh coat of paint for a house is like a full makeover for an individual, and the paint finish you choose will have a big impact on that final look. To receive an exceptional paint job that balances the right color with the perfect finish, it is always best to work with experts–and we are happy to help!

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