Tackling a commercial painting project can be managed in a series of steps—learn how.

Commercial buildings are expected to look great, and a great paint job can really help. Whether you’re looking to appeal to customers or creating a space for your employees, you want it to look nice, and investing in fresh paint is a perfect option.

The right look for your building will depend on a lot of factors, but there are a few essential steps to take to handle any commercial project. In this article, we will discuss what you can do to handle your large-scale project.

Managing Large-Scale Exterior Painting Projects in 7 Simple Steps

Commercial building painting is an opportunity for property owners and businesses. When you follow the correct steps, you make it easy to have a successful paint job and get the final appearance that you want to see.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to handle your large-scale exterior painting project.

What Makes Commercial Projects Different From Smaller Projects?

Large-scale painting projects and small-scale painting projects might seem similar, but you may be surprised by what a difference the scope of a project can make. Commercial painting projects are large, and that means that there is generally significantly more to consider. From budget to business limitations, commercial painting projects take a lot more care and consideration.

You’re looking for a professional and impressive paint job for your building, and that means it is worth the effort to get it done correctly!

Step 1: Determine the Scope of the Painting Project

The first step of any painting project, big or small, is to determine the scope of the project. The project itself will be managed by your painting company, but you will still want to consider what you want from the project.

As the owner of a commercial building, you will want to decide what work you want to have done.

Determining the scope doesn’t mean having all the answers. It just means that you know what you want to do for the project in a general sense—at least enough to explain your needs to the professional painters you work with.

Consider what areas you want to have painted and any must-have features that you’re looking for. If there is something you know you want for the building, write it down.

Step 2: Seek Out Inspiration

When a building needs a new paint job, it is generally clear. Either the building will simply not be appealing due to its design, or the paint will be faded or damaged in some way. You may recognize that it is time for a paint job, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you want to do with it.

Don’t worry—a little inspiration can have a big impact.

Inspiration is everywhere, both in the world around you and in your favorite apps. If you’re looking for painting ideas, you are in luck. They truly can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Walk down your local streets, seek out inspiration on social media, or do a little research. There are plenty of ways to get inspired!

Step 3: Decide on Your Project Budget

Commercial projects are always more expensive than smaller projects. There is no way around it—large projects use more resources. This applies to the paint and tools, as well as the people who work on the job. To make sure that your project is done well and on time, painting companies will often supply entire teams to get the work done.

Since large projects require more resources, more painters, and more time, it is important to calculate your budget. Depending on what you want, the cost of your project can vary a lot. It is important to be prepared for this possibility.

Before you ever contact a painting company, you should have your budget in mind. Knowing what you can afford to spend can help set you up for success when discussing the actual project. For most commercial painting work, budget is the top limiting factor.

Go in prepared—know what you would prefer to spend and what you can afford to spend if you need to. Your commercial painting company will be able to help you stay within budget for the project.

Step 4: Consider Your Schedule

Commercial buildings all have a purpose, and that means the project will generally impact individuals or a business. It is very important to consider this when determining your schedule. The best schedules will work in a way that minimizes inconvenience.

Although the most important part of scheduling is making sure that the painting project has a minimal impact, it is important to consider any key dates too. You may have a reason why you’re pursuing fresh paint for your building, and that will impact the timeline significantly.

Take time to reflect on the project and what it will affect. If the project has a hard deadline or unique scheduling needs, you will want to share that information with the painting team during the initial discussions.

Always remember to be realistic with your deadlines as you start to plan. Commercial painting projects take time, especially if they include a lot of detail. Rome wasn’t built in a day—and your stunning new building exterior won’t be either!

Step 5: Prepare the Information You Need to Discuss the Project With a Painting Company

The key to a painting project with a great outcome is communication. Whether you’re having your building exterior painted or you are pursuing a renovation, it is essential to communicate well with your team. The right communication can have a huge impact on your satisfaction with the final product, so go in ready to talk things through.

Every commercial building project is a little different, so it is best to bring any information you think you might need. Be prepared to discuss what you would like to see, how long you would like it to take, and what your budget is for the project.

Core considerations are a great first step, but you will also want to dig a little deeper. Take time to reflect on any limitations or restrictions that might be in place for your project.

Some Considerations Include:

  • Business hours
  • High-traffic times
  • Quiet hours
  • Project deadlines
  • Neighborhood considerations
  • Parking
  • Accessibility
  • Concerns

If you think it will impact the work your painting company does, make sure you are ready to talk about it.

Step 6: Look for a Trustworthy Local Painter

After you have committed to the idea of painting your building and gathered some information to move forward, it is time to find a partner. A local commercial painting company should absolutely be able to help. All you have to do is find the right match.

Painting companies support local areas, so your first step will be to find a company that will visit your location. Most painting companies have a specific range they cover, so you will need a team that covers your exact address.

Finding a painter in your area is just the start. To have the best possible experience, you will want to find one that will provide a great outcome. This means looking for a team that is easy to work with, has the right tools for the trade, and can deliver a beautiful paint job that will last.

Your local painters will vary in experience and process, so it helps to shop around. Look for examples of work the company has done, and take time to consider the experience they offer customers. Always look for a painting partner that prioritizes customer happiness while providing a beautiful paint job!

Step 7: Let the Experts Handle the Rest

Once you have decided on a painting company, you can let them start driving the process. They can help you to decide what approach is right for your building and help you to understand your options. These discussions are critical for the project’s overall success, but the professionals should be able to guide you on it.

The painting company you work with should be prepared to walk you through this process. Experts can support you at every step, letting you decide what is right aesthetically, as well as for your budget.

Once the fine details are sorted and you have signed on the dotted line, the project can begin. At this stage, your only job is to sit back and relax while your professional painters handle the rest. They will get the work done quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy your building’s stunning new paint job!

Step 0: Get Started Today!

A commercial painting project is the perfect opportunity to improve your property and its value. To bring your vision to life, you need to work with trusted painters who can help make it all happen.

We bring years of experience and always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. To learn about the commercial painters Minneapolis business owners love working with, contact our team today!